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idiotstockinvestor 12-11-2011 09:08 PM

RIM (Research In Motion) Comments and Observations
I think these latest stories say enough about the future of RIM and it's management:

2 Managers disrupted a flight from Toronto to Beijing and while apparently on official RIM business!

Indonesia was touted as being a "huge success" for RIM in a recent CBC special but it looks like their hold on Indonesia is being threatened:

With that said, there's of course the recent service outage for days and a huge writedown due to the failure of the Playbook (but the true cause is poor management, product development and business strategy):

I know I'm being hard on RIM but rightly so IMHO. I actually liked them a lot for being a Canadian success story and owned a Blackberry for 3 years. Years ago they were great for e-mail but they just haven't evolved past that point and certainly not at par with Android or IOS, or even close.

For over 2 years I predicted that RIM was ultimately doomed despite the case many people/analysts made for their viability. Look at their stock price today compared to 2 years ago and you'll see who was right :)

I predict they are still doomed and will be absorbed or bought by a competitor in the future, if RIM is still worth anything. This all depends on how well they implement their next generation of tablets and phones with the so-called (and months delayed) QNX OS. My prediction is that it will be a flop and even if it's not, it won't be enough to overcome the share that Android and IOS have been steadily stealing from them.

The only way to turn things around (if it's even possible at this point) is a complete company shakeup. They should fire all top management because they seem incompetent and incapable (especially if the Air Canada flight experience tells us more about their management style).

Ultimately I predict that for whatever reasons they turn out to be, RIM is doomed and is past the point of no return even if they do everything right from this point on.

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